What’s your issue?

Try to find your deepest issue in every confusion, and abide by that.”

D. H. Lawrence

Is there

Something you are


Unhappy about that it’s getting in the way of your

Enjoyment of life?

I was with a coaching client last week who said he was desperately unhappy. He’s losing his job after 25 years with one employer, his wife’s not happy that he has stayed with them all of these years, his daughter is (hopefully) just going off to University and his mother has been diagnosed with a recurrence of a terminal illness.

Now, as his coach is it my role to “jolly him out of it” and let him see that “it’s really not all that bad”? NO.

My job as his coach is to help him to find a way to find a way to manage these life events and as and when he is ready, to see the potential that his very rich life has to offer despite this series of setbacks. For now, my job is to listen a lot and give him enough tools to deal with the immediate situation. To remind him of all the things I know he is just great at. ( He has coached with me before 5 years ago).

Then, when he’s ready to hear it and deal with it, we will start working on the tough stuff and aim to make his new journey not so tough. My job is to help him see the opportunity and the potential in his life going forward- wherever it is he decides he wants to take it.

My job is to be there to help him redefine himself in his new guise, rediscover his potential, remind him of where he is going and help him to deal with the reality of his current and future live. So, as you can see, we’ll be doing a lot of “re” work together.

We’ll rework alsorts to get him where he wants to go. We’ll rework; ideas, beliefs, self imposed limitations,sadness, hurt, joy-anything and everything to get him towards what he wants in his compelling and wonderful future.

Then, when he’s ready to notice, he’ll know that he’s re-assessed, re-grouped and re-worked it all into ..

Is there

Something or some things you are



Excited about in this myriad of

Success called your life that you just can’t wait to appreciate it and go there?

I can’t wait.

Of course I will, because patience is my middle name. (It isn’t really, I don’t have a middle name but if I had one it would be patience or victory or go for it or yes you can…..or…..)

So, what’s your issue?

Marie x


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