Does your fast life need to be diagnosed with cancer to start living?


  Helen Fawkes is an incredibly brave and wonderful woman. She shows us how, being faced with a terminal diagnosis can help us slow it all down. To slow down the thinking in order to get really clear at what we want to do with the rest of our one wonderful, mistake ridden, joyous life. It’s a priviledge to live. To wake up every day and breathe. Yet we so […]

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Slow Thinking in Politics Minimises World Conflict

purple world ligt bulb

We have observed a great example of the power and impact of fast and slow thinking on a global scale. Just 22 days of politics and a reassertion of the democratic process has reminded us of the value of cherished democracy and the power of using our heads. On the 28th August the BBC headline on the Syrian crisis reads  Syria crisis: Cameron and Obama discuss military action.Our position today, […]

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Self sabotage : Six Mistakes you Fast Thinkers are Making

ISU Grand Prix Of Figure Skating 2012/2013 Lexus Cup Of China - Day 1

You fink yr clever Cozu get so mooch dun . You are so fast inside that fast thinking head of yours that you don’t make time to stop and check all those tasks you are completing. Your emails, reports and notes left for colleagues are full of errors. You think you’re fast and clever. Some of them think you’re sloppy and a little bit stupid. Your fast and furious is […]

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We Always Have A Choice


We always have a choice, whether we realise it or not. We are even choosing when sometimes we hesitate to make a choice. For more on that and how I buy a pair of shoes, listen here. We always have a choice, even at work.  There’s a choice about how we do the work even if apparently not about the work or project itself. If you have started to slow […]

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The Case for Slow Thinking

I don’t necessarily mean lazy thinking or slow responsiveness here; maybe a more accurate adjective would be considered. When you have dozens of tasks and people begging for your attention throughout the day, sometimes you just need to cut the chatter in your brain and focus down on one thing at a time. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it really can make all the difference. Instead of trying to mentally […]

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The Case Against Fast Thinking

You’re frantically trying to get your day’s work done, running through numbers and times and tasks, constantly blazing ideas and solving problems in your mind… sounds like the way to think to be productive, right? Well, not exactly. While being able to think quickly on your feet is an essential skill for anyone of any profession, fast-thinking, adrenaline-soaked cognizance can be a detriment. Undertaking the many obligations that we have […]

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Is Your Thinking Misinformed?

For all of the many scholarly and intellectual benefits that have come from the information age and rapid growth of Internet search, our ease of access to information could be leading to gross misinterpretations. Consider this like a triangle, pine tree, or whatever your favourite pyramid-metaphor: at the pointy top we have the few sources of real, well-researched data (peer reviewed or original research), and as we go down, we […]

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The magic of ordinary thinking men

I spent 24 hours exploring getting happy with 6 men of Wales last week. Before you create some strange image from the recesses of your imagination, it was purely professional. I deliver a “send me your best and stressed ” explorations experience in organisations. A kind of self reflection experience which addreses some “what” and “how” questions . Things like; where am I , what do I value, who am […]

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Digging through our Roots and Planting new Trees in New Landscapes

  “There exists a different state of mind beyond our cultural conditioning and programmed assumptions”.  This quote is from Buddha’s four noble truths. It originates from the 6th century BC when cultural conditioning was different and yet was, it seems, as rooted in our thinking as a frame of everyday unconscious reference as it is today. People viewed their current experience and thoughts through the lens of their historical understanding […]

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Running and Ruminating on the Basement Steps of Suffering

  Are you making it all too difficult by ruminating with the room mate in your head?    “The primary cause of our suffering is not our experience, but our response to our experience; what we think about it.“ Buddha. 6th century BC.   Stuff happens and I think if the Buddha was looking at our lives today he would suggest we stop thinking about the negative. That we might […]

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