Digging through our Roots and Planting new Trees in New Landscapes

  “There exists a different state of mind beyond our cultural conditioning and programmed assumptions”.  This quote is from Buddha’s four noble truths. It originates from the 6th century BC when cultural conditioning was different and yet was, it seems, as rooted in our thinking as a frame of everyday unconscious reference as it is today. People viewed their current experience and thoughts through the lens of their historical understanding […]

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Running and Ruminating on the Basement Steps of Suffering

  Are you making it all too difficult by ruminating with the room mate in your head?    “The primary cause of our suffering is not our experience, but our response to our experience; what we think about it.“ Buddha. 6th century BC.   Stuff happens and I think if the Buddha was looking at our lives today he would suggest we stop thinking about the negative. That we might […]

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