Slow Thinking in Politics Minimises World Conflict

purple world ligt bulb

We have observed a great example of the power and impact of fast and slow thinking on a global scale. Just 22 days of politics and a reassertion of the democratic process has reminded us of the value of cherished democracy and the power of using our heads. On the 28th August the BBC headline on the Syrian crisis reads  Syria crisis: Cameron and Obama discuss military action.Our position today, […]

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The wheel of tortuous thinking

Are you torturing yourself in your head?   “All our desires, disappointments, negativity and fear, are a torture chamber of our own cognitive creation”   This quote is from Buddha’s four noble truths. It originates from the 6th century BC, so, I think it safe to say that it falls in the category of ancient wisdom.   To my fallible mind this tells us that anything unhelpful is our own […]

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The fear of overcoming what is uncertain

I love this video of Theodore Zeldin talking about being a manufacturer of courage.    Click to watch He talks about a famine of understanding and of our fear of not being understood. I think this is a great piece to help us think about the portrait of people’s lives.  I’ve just come back from South Africa. During my travels, I went to a township on the outskirts of Cape Town. […]

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