Are you taking purposeful action or just moving about?

“Never confuse motion with action.”

    Benjamin Franklin

I am enjoying thinking about confusion. I was thinking about how we confuse similarity or similar sounding words. I find Consulting clients who do this sometimes. Organisations and those who lead and manage them can convince themselves that they are moving forward and taking action when sometimes- they’re not. They’re doing lots of doing.They’re in Motion and often using lots of e-motion and it feels like they’re moving forwards because there’s energy behind it.In reality, they’re expending lots of energy tiring their people and themselves out with loads of activity. But their not engaged in purposeful and useful action.

They’re moving the chess pieces around and fiddling with paper, having meetings that don’t add anything but make people feel like they’re adding something. My advice if you are in this situation and have some influence is -STOP. Get as many people as you can influence in your orbit at work to stop. Ask yourselves, “What is it that we are really aiming for here? What is our purpose? What is the great work we are here to do? What is the most useful contribution we can make as individuals and collectively towards our goal?

Only when you have the answers to every what question you can think of, do you move on to How do we do that? Where do we do that, by when will we do it and Who is going to do what in delivering that big what?

You see? All organizational development and business is about answering really easy questions, planning out the delivery of the answers. The action? Well, that comes last when you’ve worked out everything else sometimes that involves physically moving, sometimes it involves sitting in confusion for a bit.

So, what are you moving towards and when you can answer that… what purposeful, results filled actions are you going to take to create the right results?


Marie x



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