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facebook-profileMarie coaches and consults with professionals and organisations who want success and transformation. Read more about how she works with organisations at Marie Taylor Consulting and individuals in her Taylored Coaching business.

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  • Time for change

    It’s Time to Break the Rules

    Remember that rules are made to be broken. So take some time this week to think about which un-useful rules you would like […]

  • Appreciation

    Two, Four, Six, Eight – Who Do You Appreciate?

    Here’s an exercise to remind you of the great people that you have in your life right now and how you can celebrate […]

  • Miisunderstanding

    Misunderstandings and Assumptions

    If you’re working with colleagues across cultures and/or at a distance, it can very often lead to misunderstandings due to language issues, working […]

  • Bad mood

    We Don’t Need Public Stocks and Apples Anymore

    We think we’ve moved on and evolved as Homo sapiens. That we are wise and evolved. We’re not. We’ve just changed the machinery […]

  • Teamwork

    The Myth of Individual Success

    “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” ~ John […]

  • Group Think

    Are You a Leader Suffering From the Latest Virus Sweeping Corporations and Non Profits?

    Do you have group think? You know you have group think if, as a leader, you: Have stopped listening to the objectors in […]

  • career management

    What is a Career? Understanding Career Management

    In organisations the term “career” is often used to describe the ordered progression of an individual through a series of related roles/jobs. You […]

  • Change Leadership

    Leading Cross-Cultural Teams During Change

    Leading cross-cultural teams can be a challenge to those who have experienced little cultural diversity. But globalization and virtual workplaces are changing all […]