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facebook-profileMarie coaches and consults with professionals and organisations who want success and transformation. Read more about how she works with organisations at Marie Taylor Consulting and individuals in her Taylored Coaching business.

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  • Telephone coaching

    3 Tips to help you in telephone coaching

    Coaching on the phone is a bit of an art form. In general, our phone conversations aren’t well planned. Our fast thinking heads […]

  • 7

    Could you please just keep up!

    Impulsive. Undisciplined. Workaholic. Difficult to satisfy “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your […]

  • Coaching

    Are you providing a service and serving your organisational coaching client?

    Sometimes, organisations that you might look to develop a contract with are looking to fulfil the wrong need, or want to deliver it […]

  • Thinking

    Use your head and change the problem

    I love Thought for the Day on Radio Four so I wanted to give you the gift of having something to think about […]

  • shake hands

    Get Clear on your Contracting with Coaching Clients

    Coaches who spend time getting clear with clients at the contracting stage serve their clients well. When I’m coaching a client for 6 […]

  • Fast thinking

    Self sabotage : Six Mistakes you Fast Thinkers are Making

    You fink yr clever Cozu get so mooch dun. You are so fast inside that fast thinking head of yours that you don’t […]

  • Disney strategy

    The ‘Disney strategy’ for creativity

    Another format developed by NLP pioneer Robert Dilts, this is modelled on the way Walt Disney used to organise his creative teams to […]

  • Coach via email

    A Few Tips on Coaching via Email

    If you’re coaching via email, remember that you can’t clarify things with each other quickly. It can be helpful to make sure that […]