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facebook-profileMarie coaches and consults with professionals and organisations who want success and transformation. Read more about how she works with organisations at Marie Taylor Consulting and individuals in her Taylored Coaching business.

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  • Business Coaching

    Allowing Great Ideas to Show Up

    Pace in coaching provides the space between words to allow great ideas to show up. Consider how you might make room for those […]

  • coins

    Your World and its Many Riches

    One-way of considering the word RICH is to consider it as something you hold – Rejoicing In the Comfort of Having. Riches may […]

  • Dancing figures

    You Could Be Dancing – Yeah

    Give yourself 6 or 7 minutes this week to get up and dance. Whatever shakes that groove in you and gets you energised- […]

  • work life balance

    Work life balance is a right – Is it?

    With rights come responsibilities and so often we let others take charge of our lives by becoming irresponsible and disrespectful of ourselves. We […]

  • Asking quality questions

    The Importance of Asking Quality Questions in Coaching

    The way we ask questions and the quality of our questions elicits the type of response we get. We need to use questions […]

  • Time for change

    It’s Time to Break the Rules

    Remember that rules are made to be broken. So take some time this week to think about which un-useful rules you would like […]

  • Appreciation

    Two, Four, Six, Eight – Who Do You Appreciate?

    Here’s an exercise to remind you of the great people that you have in your life right now and how you can celebrate […]

  • Miisunderstanding

    Misunderstandings and Assumptions

    If you’re working with colleagues across cultures and/or at a distance, it can very often lead to misunderstandings due to language issues, working […]