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facebook-profileMarie coaches and consults with professionals and organisations who want success and transformation. Read more about how she works with organisations at Marie Taylor Consulting and individuals in her Taylored Coaching business.

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  • Change Leadership

    Leading Cross-Cultural Teams During Change

    Leading cross-cultural teams can be a challenge to those who have experienced little cultural diversity. But globalization and virtual workplaces are changing all […]

  • matrix

    5 Insights for Effective Working in Matrix Teams

    NASA developed the matrix organization structure before it sent a man to the moon. It offered an alternative to the bureaucratic, slow-moving, hierarchical, […]

  • Change Leadership

    3 Things to Do During Transition to Keep Your People on Track

    Transitions can be difficult and one of our biggest challenges as change leaders is to keep the change process on track despite people’s […]

  • Change Leadership

    Driving Successful Change – 3 Planning Tools You Cannot Do Without

    “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”~ Alan Lakein As change leaders, our goal is to drive successful change. Statistics show that many […]

  • Change Leadership

    Three Steps to Change Your Leadership Mindset

    “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ~George Bernard Shaw Our effectiveness as change leaders […]

  • Leader as Coach

    How to Practise Active Listening

    Listening is a key skill and even the best trained coaches sometimes forget to actively listen. So here’s a quick and easy tip to remind you of a great way to practise active listening.

  • Autocratic Leadership

    Autocratic vs Coaching Leadership

    Leadership is about creating effective followers who can contribute to the best of their ability and stretch their range of capability. Our desire to […]

  • youknowthestory

    The Leadership Challenge of Miscommunication

    Sometimes people just don’t see or hear what we are observing and paying attention to. This can present a leadership challenge for us. […]