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facebook-profileMarie coaches and consults with professionals and organisations who want success and transformation. Read more about how she works with organisations at Marie Taylor Consulting and individuals in her Taylored Coaching business.

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  • workdice

    Great CV: Say it. Evidence it

    At the beginning of a New Year many of you and those you serve will be considering new roles. So when it comes to updating your CV, how do you communicate your experience in such a way that recruiters can see you have the skill set necessary to do the job?

  • writiing

    Give your CV Star Billing

    When recruiters are busy, how can you ensure your CV grabs their attention quickly? Recruiters have a tendency to concentrate their attention on the top third of the page so use this fact to your advantage.

  • pen nib

    New Year- Great Career

    When you are thinking of a change of job, you need to regard your CV as your sales tool. How can your CV attract the attention of the busy recruiter? What will help them decide if you are a good fit for the position?

  • CIMG0845

    Does your fast life need to be diagnosed with cancer to start living?

    Sometimes life forces us to ask “what do I really want? ” It’s a big question. Why wait to answer it? In my work, I ask people to focus on this question a lot.

  • purple world ligt bulb

    Slow Thinking in Politics Minimises World Conflict

    Our capacity to think helps us to see that sometimes slowing it all down to observe things through the eyes of simplicity helps us deal with complexity.

  • CIMG0845

    How good are you at noticing contribution and praise?

    Are you running through your day and filing it away like a checked to-do list, or are you stopping to notice the difference maker that you are? Here’s what I notice when I actively look at my recent contribution.

  • success

    How I coached Huffington Post blogger from Crisis to Isis

    I love it when my coaching clients get in touch with their magic. With who they are becoming in the world. Getting them to that place of seeing what’s possible. Frankly – it makes my heart sing.

  • MP900315598

    Can Saatchi and Nigella bounce back?

    The shame of being caught doing something aggressive, unwarranted or potentially illegal can ruin a career, destroy relationships, damage health and confer the status of social pariah amongst your peers.